Consolation – dedicated to the victims and heroes of the pandemic

RELEASED 12TH MAY 2021 on a streaming service near you

Toke Møldrup, cello, Tanja Zapolski, piano

Producer and digital mastering: Federico Mattioli

Music: The most beautiful pieces by Fauré, Liszt, Chopin, Ravel, Dvorak, Saint-Saëns & Wieniawski

The pandemic has turned our working life upside down.  Our concert calendar has been heavily reduced, and we have been concerned whether our profession will ever return back to normal again. But others have had to pay a far higher price for the entry of the coronavirus. We think all these people deserve an album. An album with beautiful music for cello and piano.

The album CONSOLATION is dedicated to the victims and heroes of the corona pandemic. And the rest of us are welcome to join! I hope that you will listen to it in a peaceful moment, and reflect a little on what happened together with us. Watch the PR video here.

All best,

Toke & Tanja